Man Utd star Antonio Valencia uses mobile phone while driving to record daughter singing | Daily Mail Online

Manchester United star Antonio Valencia has come in for criticism for using his mobile phone to film his daughter while driving. The 31-year-old right-back then uploaded the footage to Instagram.


Man leaped onto busy road while engrossed in Pokemon Go game –

A man jumped in front of traffic on a busy main road while wrapped up in the mobile phone game Pokemon Go yesterday.


How a man called Graham raised road safety awareness and became a terrifying meme | Science | News | The Independent

This man is the picture of fitness in one sense: he has the perfect body to live through a car crash. The sculpture, named Graham, has been created by an Australian artist in an attempt to encourage road safety. The strange shape of the man’s body is built so that it could survive through a road accident. His large, round head would help protect him from impact, and the strange, rippled ribs help cushion any blow.