Time For a New Clutch?

Welcome to the FirstVans website. We are a hugely experienced company who have not only sold high quality light commercial vehicles for many years but have also been providing to quality vehicle repairs through our dedicated workshop. Signs Your Clutch Needs Checking There can be a number of tell tale signs that your clutch may not be performing to its optimum level. These can include: Slipping – This will result in your vehicle moving slower than normal as is caused by issues with the friction plate. In most cases, the friction plate has worn down or has fluid such as oil on it. Increased Noise –Have you ever experienced vibration or a juddering feeling whilst moving away from a standing start? If so, there are likely to be issues with the dual mass flywheel or clutch plate. Feel as if Dragging – This unusual feeling is created by a problem with the pressure plate and is most likely to be caused with the clutch settings are incorrect. Sudden Movements – Moving from a standing


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